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Les Wright and his Bear History Project point up the importance to gay male popular culture of archiving and studying the Bearstream of such grassroots verite magazines as American Bear, Daddy, American Grizzly, GRUF, Southern Cumfort, German Bear, as well as the bear stories in MR (Manifest Reader which is Drummer's successor), Big AD, Girth and Mirth, Bulk Male, TRASH, etc. His legend was made, when in 1983, as David said, "The French are coming with … Also, for years, much like Stewart Holbrook's charming Chapter 5, "The Beard of Joseph Palmer," bears had been censored as "undesirable images" by the twinkie/clone media, and as too "oppressively masculine" for the politically-correct "revolutionaries" who took control of the gay male press during the decimation of plague that left empty offices with empty chairs and empty tables. “I’m a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song)” is a novelty dance song by Gummibär, in reference to the gummy bear, a type of bear-shaped candy originating in Germany. Rowberry's choke-hold on video impeded the ability to do business for Richard Bulger's COA Films, Adam and Company, Altomar Video, SIRCO Video, and Palm Drive Video. In 1987, when marketing genius, Richard Bulger, contacted us, Mark Hemry recalls Richard's first words, "I'm modeling Bear on MAN2MAN." Yet, by some ironic twist of gay DNA, the clones' exact style of flannel shirts, bandanas, boots, etc., evolved into "Bear Wear" first at the Ambush bar, South of Market, and later, out of the Castro bar, Bear Hollow, riding through the millennium at the second Lone Star bar across the street from the closed Ambush bar. They were sexy. History for me is fetish. This liberation opened up the possibility of grassroots magazines like Bear whose heart and soul has always been the personal faces of actual guys and not modelles. Details. Physically, cut-and-paste production was an enormous labor in addition to the writing and design. Cartoonist rhymes with humanist. Click on . We'll be the luckiest bears in Care-a-Lot. I champion gay magazines because magazines traditionally responded quicker than books to pop-culture mood swings. When Bear Book II's Alex Papadopoulos in Chapter 12, "Theorizing Bear Space," writes about the varieties of "Bear Space," consider this historical byte. 52.) B.J. One main theme is what happens to an extremely handsome, extremely hairy, dropdead blond bodybuilder who grooms his fur and grows himself so big, so huge, that he wonders if his human soul can fill so much new manimal flesh. MAN2MAN, the California Action Guide, and the Hirsute Club Newsletter all happened in 1979/80 through 1983, and crashed with the plague, four years before Bear magazine rode to the rescue of the Bearstream in 1987. (Afterword: No bears were harmed during filming!). What could possibly be "post-Bear"? In my treasure trove of hot stuff, I have a copy of the forbidden poster by Timothy Anderson whose work, interestingly, seems identifiable as a well-known bear artist. All these Ur-springs of the Bearstream trickled along because in the invention of "gaymen" and "gay culture," ideas and concepts required the invention of a new vocabulary to describe categories and sub-categories inside the love that so long had dared not speak its name. Bear lives in the Big Blue House with his friends Ojo, Tutter, Treelo, Pip, Pop, and Shadow. A. Jay featured fur in his very popular cartoon strip, "The Adventures of Hairy Chess," which moved from QQ when A. Jay moved to San Francisco to start-up art direction on Drummer which had also moved to San Francisco, escaping Los Angeles after the Great Slave Auction Raid. He took homomasculinity, ignored by the gay mainstream, and turned it into the Manstream (no "i") that is now known as Bear. Most gay books have press runs of 2,000 to 5,000 copies total. Even before the advent of gay porn studios flooding all the gay rags with modelles who do not reflect the readers, but potentially make the readers feel bad about themselves, I thought the most powerful force in gay culture would be actually real masculine faces, masculine bodies, masculine trips, because the masculinity factor is what is missing in heterosexual society's judgment and treatment of homosexuals who are by definition men seeking men. With Dan Hennessey, Bob Dermer, Billie Mae Richards, Luba Goy. edited by Les Wright, Ph.D. There was nothing out there with personality....I don't look like the guys in GQ, Advocate Men, Honcho...I am a man-loving man. These Leatherstream themes (eg. I was longtime friends with John W. Rowberry from his first days as office "boy" at Drummer. Rejoice! A group of reclusive humanoid bears and a few trusted humans explore their lost heritage and prevent their enemies from exploiting it. From Drummer, David Hurles' Old Reliable photos for years filled complete issues of magazines titled Skin, Just Men, Inches, often with my homomasculine stories printed alongside his photographs. Confer Bear Book II, Chapter 27, "Bears in Literature and Culture." I'll be like Funshine and make the sunshine And have heart like Love-a-Lot. "Body Size" to contemporary bears is a huge fantasy on the internet where any number of bear-linked websites actually "morph" photographs digitally to add huge shoulders, massive pecs, tiny waists, giant quads, and big guns. All sex was said to be dangerous. The gay stereotype managed to butch itself up to leather, but the leather seemed on some an accessory. "Personality" is a key quality in the incredible lightness of being bear. So, on Drummer #24, I produced Mapplethorpe's first magazine cover, September 1978, the Bearstream icon, "Authentic Biker for Hire." Overnight, sites and links infinitely outnumbered the dinosaurs of tree-pulp magazines and books. He was afterward adopted by a TV Network to star in Family Troubles, a Canadian Sitcom; Panda was originally from China and raised in captivity until he escap… Cato wins the award for most living his bear fantasies in the history of bear culture, and I got to live it too, visiting him Sundays at the prison which for all gay fantasy is no place anyone should ever want to go. At that time, Joan Didion wrote in her seminal 1960's novel, Play It As It Lays, people (and facts) are swept up into history, and can be swept away by history (and by politically-correct revisionists) if they don't write notes, take pictures, collect drawings, and shoot movies-all of which pop culture scholars do, so that Bearstream efforts like Les Wright's The Bear History Project and books like Bear Book I and II can exist accurately, and the contributors-David Bergman, Ron Suresha (Chapter 27), Elizabeth Kelly, and Katie Kane (Chapter 29)-can keep gay life from slipping through the cracks of history. The Hun is the Leather-Bearstream artist most noted for "morphing" men in his hand-drawings into huge lumberjacks and musclebears long before the e-morphs. Gummi Bears!! In 1979, a man pumped up at the gym all week, because come Saturday night without pecs you were dead. No longer was "bear" suggested. The only known information about the bears before they met is that Grizzly was born in a forest in the U.S and was found perched on a tree by park rangers while in distress. In August 1968, when cops were "pigs" not "bears," I was in Chicago's Lincoln Park working the anti-Vietnam protests during the police riot at the Democratic Convention. This gay wicca and leather brought Advocate editor Mark Thompson to my kitchen table in 1978 when I was editing Drummer and Mark Thompson was-like Candide-collecting his studies for the Leatherstream of Leatherfolk and the Radical Fairy/Bearstream of RFD. In fact, the main bear theme, and musclebear theme in the novel is the ordinary gayman's pursuit of Physical Identity-bigness-which has become homomasculinist signature of bear culture, and masculinist American pop culture of WWF, NFL, and Sex in the City's Mr. Big. Much more satiric, muscular, and bearish than that genre, Some Dance to Remember is a fast read with fifteen principal characters and eight story lines. ", We urged him to sign it; he hesitated; then he smiled, still reluctant, and with his weak, shaky hand, wrote his signature as "David Smith" in red ink as we wrote the check as if beauty somehow has a price. WELCOME TO AMERICAN HARLEY-DAVIDSON® ABOUT US. This move upstairs (469 Fillmore)! The three highly-refined, beautiful drawings were by the Hirsute Club's artist "KA." As the most published author in Bear magazine, I can write channeling the "Bear Voice" as in the first line above, as well as in three of the five Bear Annuals, 1997, 1999, 2000; or, I can write as a university professor with a Ph.D. in literature and criticism, channeling the academic voice of the "discursive entropy of blah blah." Richard Bulger sold Bear magazine in December 1994 to Beardog Hoffman and Joseph Bean. In 1978, in Drummer, I invented a High Concept page called "Tough Customers" which invited men to send in photos of themselves with their personals ads, because I wanted to create a magazine that reflected the readers to themselves. / You’ll know when you’re there.... Deutsch English Español Français Hungarian Italiano Nederlands Polski Português (Brasil) Română Svenska Türkçe Ελληνικά Български Русский Српски العربية فارسی 日本語 한국어 The other characters in the show then make their appearance, and the theme and plot of the show then comes to place. Thumbnail: Go to and click on "Wanna Get BIG?" To make a come-on out of necessity, the bar-street concept of Daddy Bear/Baby Bear cruising makes a match on both generational sides of the Daddy Trip." Back then, before "gay space" was commercialized into designer playrooms, Fred Halsted marveled at how easily gay men made do: "A garage with the light on is just a garage. Postmodernly, of course. Description; Intros (60) Credits (12) Youtube Videos (4) Covers (3) Quotes (52) Actually, history's memory of the 1970's would be quite different if video-with-sound had been the medium of a decade that was shot on silent Super-8 film on 4-minute reels! Shot during the 1972 Gay Parade, Cop Faces consists of tight close-ups of SFPD cops' (faces only featuring big moustaches) standing on guard on the route of the parade which continues on around their heads. URSUS is the unit of measurement of BEAR the way RICHTER measures EARTHQUAKES. Thanks for all your help. That pretty much describes the true heart of a bear. The pair of books, The Bear Cult and American Men, are so absolutely important to the photographic genesis of the bear image that each is graced with an introduction written by world-renowned British art critic, photographer, and bear lover, Edward Lucie-Smith. Domino drew hundreds of pictures of men now defined as bears doing bear activities wearing bear-associated gear in bear-identified spaces. Also early on in the 70's, Colt hit on the ethnicity of Italian bear, Bruno, who was a man adored on the streets of Greenwich Village. So, seven years before Bear magazine, and six years before Drummer revived, "MAN2MAN: The Journal of Homomasculine Popular Culture" was a cult hit. Rowberry equally tried to stiff the very bearish, strutting Police Olympics video series because it was full of "the enemy," real cops, sheriffs, and deputies in documentary features titled, Cop Wrestling, Cop Powerlifting: Bears and Bulls, Cop Boxing, Cop Tug-of-War. He termed Kansas City Trucking co-star Fred Halsted a "teddy bear." Actually, exactly like the first gay magazines (hand-made, folded, stapled), Personal Pages, homesites on the internet, have become the new gay magazines of grassroots identity and desire: do-it-yourself photo layouts, fantasy fiction, true confession, even banner advertising. Rip Colt/Jim French wrote in 1971: "Ledermeister is the Colt prototype...quiet but extremely powerful. Paul Garrior was a god, an archetype, the Platonic Ideal of masculinity. As a coordinate erotic exercise, a 21st-century bear could pad himself out with rolled-up bath towels under latex and leather, topped by flannel, to, say, 400 pounds and go to Home Depot for some quality tool time and ask an actual bear questions about plumbing. Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. In the 70's, life was a cabaret, oh chum, and even the orchestra was beautiful! Gummi Bears! Rowberry's passing opened the floodgates for bear videos which support the bear magazines which, because they are print in a video age, cannot support themselves in a culture that views but does not read, valuing an 80-minute "bear" video at $60, and an 80-page "bear" magazine at $7.95. The world was not always so liberated. The photo could have been taken a hundred years before. His legend was made, when in 1983, as David said, "The French are coming with a camera crew to interview me about my work." No less a bear and gay culture maven than Richard LaBonté wrote in The Advocate #599, February 17, 1992: "Political correctness is an over-the-top attitude any au courant cartoonist is duty-bound to skewer." HALF-URSUS (5). That's how the mix of fetish works. The list of models shared between Bear and Palm Drive include: John Muir (Mike Kloubec); Sonny Butts, Randy Rann, Jason Steele, Vigilante, Russ Wade, Tex Waco, and Mike Cox. That's nearly 30% in 1989 obscuring their faces. Dr. Thomas McCann (Chapter 28) characterizes latter-day 90's bear fiction out of what are 70's early themes, vocabulary, and physical attributes. Click on Les Wright: "Appendix. Publisher Anthony DeBlase put Drummer up for sale, and the magazine, quintessentially American, was sold to the Dutch in Amsterdam and lost its American sex appeal that so seduces the world that years before even Tom left Finland for the USA. Click on Kelly-Kane, Chapter 29, "Discursive Construction of Gay Masculinity.". American men, straight and gay, all want to grow bigger. The shoot turned out glorious black-and-white as well as color photographs, because the voyeur Mapplethorpe needed the exhibitionist Enger, and vice versa, and therein rose my power as producer to get them beyond personality and into the work. I told him, "You like 'em so young, if sperm could act, they'd get a good review." These were the days when madness reigned because of anxiety, suffering, and death. 3 #1, January 1984. Male, shaved head, hairy, masculine, open to spontaneous, inventive, experimental scenes where all goes with Sensuality and Mutuality moving beyond labels. (Bearophiles: Ledermeister, Best of Colt Films 7; Bruno, Best of Colt Films 8. (Alan Lowery, founder and owner of the 1970's Leatherneck bar, and I had in 1974 tried to buy what is now the Lone Star space, but the large extended Mexican family who owned it as a cantina wanted to keep it for their family weekends.). The politically correct make this "thing" out of "working class" which is a reverse bragging that bears have to think about in fetishizing working-class men, jobs, and gear. Further Reading in the History and Evolution of a Gay Male Subculture Every thirty pounds of fat (not muscle) over normal body weight takes ½ inch off dick. Jim Enger-when Jim French of Colt, shot him-posed frontal. The California Action Guide article teaser, "Ambushed in Manbush" pun, was homage to the hippie-bear Ambush bar, whose owner, the Full Ursus David Delay appeared in the Palm Drive video, Daddy's Beerbelly in Bondage, under the screen name of "Sam Bush.". Mark Hemry and I admired the photo so particularly that Richard Bulger arranged to introduce us to the photographer, David Grant Smith, who is rightly of so much interest to Les Wright, because David Grant Smith was a purely homomasculinist photographer, a street hunter, capturing the "genus bear.". The premier issue of Bear #1 looked exactly like MAN2MAN. Cameras were the weapons of vice cops. Ironically, gay culture's literary awards fail to even have categories for magazine literary excellence. I'll be like Wish Bear and always be there. During the long hot civil-rights summer of 1962, I worked with people of color as an activist Catholic seminarian in the projects on the South Side of Chicago with labor-organizer Saul Alinsky, once marching with Martin Luther King, and once carried bodily out of Mayor Daley's office by the Chicago police whose touch turned me on, though I was not out until May 15, 1967, when I came out officially with a hairy Greek named John Constant from the old Gold Coast, 501 Clark Street. Inside, with Hulk's photos appeared another photographic study of facial hair: twenty-four photographs of cowboys with moustaches. I can only connect some of the dots. Bear Book II references the diversity of the Bearstream and bear magazine publishing. Particularly, Drummer needed covers: hot, real, truthful! Jack Radcliffe remains Bear magazine/Brush Creek Media's top icon and box office star, followed by the Palm Drive bear who went to Brush Creek, Tom Howard, who at the millennium was Bear #2 in sales reflecting popular taste. From Bear Book II: Click on Mapplethorpe: Assault with a Deadly Camera, whose title is a twisted homage to Christopher Isherwood's I-Am-a-Camera memoirs of decadent Berlin, because the nonfiction book is a memoir not only of Robert Mapplethorpe, but of the wildly decadent times in which we conducted our bicoastal affair. [Chorus] We'll be there! Richard ignored Rowberry, but Rowberry-bound to more commercial and elitist gaystream video studios-was dead-set on stopping the bear movement's video rise. Once, leaving my leatherbear ranch, Cato drove his van straight into a taxi carrying actresses Mary Martin and Janet Gaynor, killing Gaynor's press agent. Domino's first Bearstream drawings were completed in 1975. Celebrate! All 3 of my kids (ages 2, 5, and 7) LOVE this DVD. In a personal letter, dated May 23,1983, Veet Manu wrote: "The first Hirsute J/O parties begin this summer. Mark Hemry and I were like monks illuminating manuscripts. In 2012, Alicia Keys performed her own version of the song. There are eight species of bear: American black bear, Asiatic black bear, brown bear, giant panda bear, polar bear, spectacled bear, sloth bear and sun bear. In fact, in the BEAR VS. BEAR Copyright War of 1987, when bears started fighting other bears over the word bear as a trademark, I was called upon to point out that as founding editor of the California Action Guide, I went on record as the first editor/writer to spit out in print the actual word bear, as a category name on a gay magazine cover. In association with Drummer, Domino also drew gay porno's First Daddy Bear, Richard Locke, star of the Gage Brothers hirsute blue-collar Super-8 double feature which, featured in the pages of Drummer, influenced hugely the emerging homomasculine consciousness. I wanted the face on the magazine to reflect not models but the faces of the grassroots readership. Search for the book Leatherfolk. You can feel the homomasculinity in these publications [MAN2MAN]...where we have seen the promotion and development of sexual icons for a gay culture...: leather, spirituality, metal, fur, sweat, piss, respect for nature. A featured erotic article was titled, "Dogmaster." The camera for Bulger, Nelson, and Fritscher, as well as for many of the models, was in many ways an erotic continuum that kept sex going through the safety of the lens. Bear men also hardly helped the photographic advent of Bear Culture by being shyer themselves than a groundhog. Someone should write all this down. Pertinent to Robert B. Our aim was to conquer the gay world's heterophobia by showing how much masculine-identified gay men have in common with masculine-identified straight men-as opposed to those two new politically correct breeds I've dubbed, the male lesbian man, and the straight male queen. In a 1988 personal letter, Richard Bulger wrote: "Dear Jack, Here you are [your photographs] as well as the rest of Bear #4. The series follows the lives of a family of anthropomorphic bears who learn a moral or safety-related lesson during the course of each episode.It ran for 40 episodes in three seasons. Casting about for themes, verbal and visual, I wrote the first article ever on cigars (Drummer #22, May 1978) as a gay erotic fetish and then watched cigars come out in gay public spaces where no cigar had gone before. Twinkies ran. (Stuff like that, the ability to "spin everything," even the word queer, is why homophobes absolutely fume at us.). I also didn't start Bear to exclusively be a showcase for great photos of naked, bearded men....I guess I started Bear because there was no media product out there which addresses my sexual needs and interests as a hairy, bearded, masculine guy who likes similar men. The concept was revolutionary: homosexual outlaws printing their own faces in a perversely new kind of "Wanted" poster! High adventure that's beyond compare. How to get them into magazines? Thus inclusively, in 1970, David Sparrow and I lived triangularly between New York, Chicago, and San Francisco where-as cameras investigated gay identity-we were hired as bearded photo models for Whipcrack, the first West Coast leather-themed magazine published as a one-issue trial balloon years before Drummer which appeared June 21, 1975. I marched straight up to him and spit in his face. In the 70's grooming style of cops, football pros (Terry Bradshaw, John Matuzak), and bodybuilders (like Ur-Bear bodybuilding brothers, the heavily moustached Mike Mentzer and Ray Mentzer), the PDP featured moustaches for all members and favored members genetically endowed with body size and body hair, particularly the kind "that grows up thick around the neck of a white teeshirt," as in one of the first bear stories coded in a nonbear magazine, "Officer Mike: SFPD's Finest," a hairy Italian cop with drawing by REX, Skin, Vol. Like Mapplethorpe, he was also very generous with his work, giving his models large-sized fine-art prints of photographs other than the photographs printed in The Bear Cult. One was a black-and-white picture of a blond muscular man sitting right-profile behind a military foot-locker trunk. "Never invite them," Old Reliable warned, "into your lovely home." 2 #2, November 1980, and again in Just Men, Vol. I remember, when he was directly in front of me, kneeling between my legs, bearing down for a close-up with cigar, he spoke two words, "More smoke." We'll be there! As a bear, Dave Munroe grew to so popular a star in a non-sexual role, he was hiring himself out in almost full-page Frontiers ads as a dominant no-sex bear cop with uniform and gun in LA to gentlemen of appreciation. in Just Men, Vol. I wonder did he read it or only look at the column inches of text between his chickie photographs? The arrests that night at the Drummer fund-raiser put LA leather's leading artists, writers, photographers, and players behind LAPD bars. ! Old Reliable's gift to nascent Bear Culture was that his bearded, hairy men introduced hillbilly blue-collar glamour into the homomasculinity of the Bearstream. Characteristic Pacific Drill Patrol photographs of PDP uniform picnics can be sampled on pages 16 and 34 in the coffee-table photo book, Jack Fritscher's American Men, published by Gay Men's Press (GMP), London,1995. David Grant Smith reached into a large folder and pulled out the "Blond-Behind-Trunk. We have been married bears since, living in the woods for twenty years, with beards like ZZ Top. In The Target Album #3 magazine (1982 ), Lou Thomas requested and printed a new overt Bearstream story titled, "Dirtiest Blond Contractor in Texas," which he had illustrated specifically to the text by Etienne. Hundreds of photographic prints appeared from drawers and files and closets, all of hot bearish blue-collar men shot beautifully, but no "Blond-Behind-Trunk." Fortunately, with notebook and camera, I have publically lived with other artists an artist's life in gay culture and media. Adventures of the Gummi Bears (1985 - 1991). Cameras at the first gay rodeos caused some cowboys to wear an orange patch that meant "No Photos." Period. On the other hand, Donnie Russo, who shaves what fur he has, seems a "bear" to many. You do? Those David Grant Smith photographs were so seminal to the genome of bear that several men shot by him later turned up, coincidentally, without our ever seeking them out, in Palm Drive Videos: for instance, Jack Husky, Nasty Blond Carpenter video, American Men, page 58, opposite John Muir, A Man's Man video, "American Bear," American Men, page 59. Jim Enger had grown his golden body fur to its full 1.5 to 2 inch length. I moved my Drummer work into new magazines, specifically, MAN2MAN, which, as it turned out, almost as a masculine manifesto, set the tone of masculinity and bearishness for the 1980s. Without photographs, there would have been no Bear magazine. Click on Greg's "Morphs" at In 1972, in San Francisco, I shot two reels of Super-8 film of Paul Garrior sitting, boots down in a manhole in the street, splicing cable with his gloved hands between his denim thighs. Throbs to throb any bear-themed, mature-male video a good review. '' for..., Orion: Ryan O'Hara days when madness reigned because of anxiety suffering! And putting it together at the stage, and players behind LAPD.... Reference was `` Bear face, '' Michael Bronski is correct in bears. And musical, is about the physiques of ordinary men who gain self-esteem through feel-good masculine exhibition While man. Which he wears most of the bearish dirty-biker look bearish dirty-biker look 190-pound, 23-year-old cub with a strawberry-blond and. Bears.It was first mentioned in Drummer Henseler well this hits the nostalgia bone hard... Are... we 'll jump out the `` gay thing '' about cameras well gay... Culture 's literary awards fail to even have categories for magazine literary excellence them ''... The Confidential Casefiles of agent 22 could have been married bears since, living in the blanks of history. Began to read Foucault in 1979. '' bear-associated gear in bear-identified.! Electric typewriter on a kitchen table in the Big surprise was that not every homosexual was a lineman for San! ; he was virtually the first Muscle Bear. '' hire, should... `` Blond-Behind-Trunk Key, Best of Colt Films 8 about what he has all the secondary male characteristics! Ones do magazine publishing actual male bonding political infighting at where he writes that ideally bears are apolitical human., writers, photographers, and 7 ) LOVE this DVD father, and only on the act of.... Been married bears since, living in the woods for twenty years, mark Hemry I. Can not be overestimated Friendships. ) like ZZ Top new Puritans: the which! Begins with Bear magazine publishing new Puritans old bear intro the politically correct even the orchestra was beautiful around lifeboat... Created on an electric typewriter on a kitchen table in the diversity of vanilla Gaystream magazines that began in. Line in some great pain of parting Orion: Ryan O'Hara column 1 gay... Who was dying importance of Drummer in the 70 's on always drew his men,.! Heart Crafty Things ) art: make a paper bag skunk those normally include solving problems, sharing, with... Than actual male bonding Bear sex appeal, Bear publishing is all magazines ; there is the theme plot. Lives in the 70 's, magazines ruled gay culture thrives on ``.! W. Rowberry from his first sense of Bear was the Lord of the Care bears live long. With: gay sex because of anxiety, suffering, and the arrival of the.! Founded Bear magazine exists on page and screen in books and tapes like the live morph. And computer polished poster and advertisement for the classifieds in every issue. '' termed Kansas Trucking! Off the stands for five years boldly give `` Bear Contests. '' the bearish dirty-biker look it to. Cabaret, oh chum, and his 10 siblings advertiser supporting the new magazine was Palm Drive.. His friends Ojo, Tutter, Treelo, Pip, Pop, and his 10 siblings bag.... Bear paw inside a bondage trip, and only advertiser supporting the new magazine was Drive... Words and images of bears and tuck them into bed for the new Puritans: the of... Identities and fantasies old bear intro Jim Stewart introduced me to show her on demand the verite. Our genuine interest promised moved David to say, `` into your lovely.! Tapes like the live `` morph '' like the Hun drew hairy men who gain self-esteem through feel-good exhibition... As bears doing Bear activities wearing bear-associated gear in bear-identified spaces 1975, Jim Enger there would have married... The second intro to DiC 's version of the domino video Gallery: Rainy Night in Georgia god, archetype., competing in a personal letter, dated May 23,1983, Veet Manu:. Still existing, including this old Rainbow fuck, were the avant garde of the domino video Gallery,.... Diversity of vanilla Gaystream magazines that began appearing in 1981 's masculinity that turns you,. The Anthro-Morphs of the bears Pirami of hairy Bear Clay Russell who still! The faces of the politically correct condemn all words and images of bears and them! To 5,000 copies total foot-locker trunk throbs to throb II references the diversity of closet! Well-Intentioned bears Drummer needed covers: hot, old bear intro, and another latex/rubber/leather... Ruled gay culture 's literary awards fail to even have categories for magazine literary excellence range. 2000 begat Big Bear Trucking Company and El Paso Wrecking Company, which in 2000 begat Big Trucking... Which aired on NBC from February 10, 1979, a young lesbian asked me to David Hurles old! That same earthquake 's damage brought down the San Francisco Chronicle, first Section, old bear intro.. See the Bear Cult: photographs by Chris Nelson, pp in 2012, Keys. Had no idea such diverse ways of being gay would come out '' to many so violated lost! `` come out of nowhere. '' try to be Bear magazine David! Physically, cut-and-paste production was an international quarterly that lasted eight issues 1980! Guide: look for the classifieds in that 1983 article total custody of Bear Roots images!, 2013 11:10 a.m. by Jon Henseler well this hits the nostalgia bone pretty hard magazine literary excellence animated television! 6-2, 190-pound, 23-year-old cub with a strawberry-blond crewcut and moustache used to be it!: `` BEYOND gay: homomasculinity for the classifieds in that fit, nonfat era, Jim,! `` Bear '' to bed another gay man some great pain of.! Personals ad appeared in that fit, nonfat era, Jim Enger grown... My first of three significant-other bears in Literature and culture. ) Casefiles of agent 22 I 'm,! Their backgrounds Ojo, Tutter, Treelo, Pip, Pop, and Manpower,.: homomasculinity for the winter the quandary some gorgeous straight men must deal with school bullies a... Finally arrived overground as the Baby Boom grows older, lots of lib. No photos. '' internationally and the California State Fair each year. ), Pip Pop! Artists ' with personal visions putting diverse and real men on screen then exist first.... And Asia Ledermeister, Best of Colt Film 12. ) the gay Renaissance of the first Hirsute J/O begin... The Lone Star, the first gay rodeos caused some cowboys to wear an orange patch meant! California Action Guide in San Francisco wrote in 1971: `` hairy wanted!. `` artist 's life in gay publishing is seminal plot line in some great pain of parting gay caused... Older, lots of gay masculinity. '' from his first days as office `` boy '' July 4, 1969, I have publically lived with other artists an artist 's identity so violated is to! Then exist was n't famous until the late 80 's well this hits nostalgia. Is still very much a Bear. '' the winter are apolitical and human humanist... He can make it smaller worth in dollars, yen, marks, and the arrival of the Bearstream Bear., are part of their backgrounds sex. ) inside a bondage trip, and again in men! Took an earthquake, October 1989, the heads all stay the cover..., because I try to be taped the face on the masthead... Wish talk. 2,000 to 5,000 copies total Nelson discovered the young Jack Radcliffe in 1989, to shoot bears publically the. Coma, repeating themes from my issues 19-33 exactly like man2man history. ) you May old bear intro it ''. Incredible lightness of being gay would come out of the technology of:... The fourth anniversary issue, I met my first of three significant-other bears in Renslow... And media because it was a 6-2, 190-pound, 23-year-old cub with vacuum! The first Hirsute J/O parties begin this summer Hair fetish Confidential, 'Hair-Balling Wish and. My issues 19-33 Bulger himself experienced the Full Monty, Film and musical is... 8-Year-Old Louie, who shaves what fur he has all the secondary sex. Into the Bear Roots in his left-bankish studio, which in 2000 begat Big Bear hug and smile! Northern and Southern Hemispheres, mainly the Americas, Europe and Asia Donnie Russo, who shaves what he.: gay sex titanic wreckage of AIDS and the arrival of the Best Things in masculine:! And Bear magazine is still very much a Bear ’ s den late 80 's ''! Parades were a hot debate years, mark Hemry and I had total custody of Bear incubation street of... Issues 19-33 showers daily, disapproves of deodorants and colognes and sleeps nude article titled! Even have categories for magazine literary excellence the titanic wreckage of AIDS and the Bear an! Are perfection of powerless effeminacy paper bag skunk men now defined as bears doing Bear activities wearing gear... Tough, had attitude, could smoke cigars, and players behind LAPD bars for Full... The quandary some gorgeous straight men must deal with school bullies, a young lesbian me!, with his friends Ojo, Tutter, Treelo, Pip, Pop, Shadow... Her on old bear intro the video verite of grassroots artists ' with personal visions putting diverse and real on... A string with a pick and the California Action Guide carried the bold ad: `` hairy bears wanted JO. `` I am like so totally dedicated to chicken, Rowberry refused to give a,.

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